Our guiding principle

Since 1919, Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital has provided its patients with a welcoming and safe environment in line with our motto: “Your well-being is close to our heart.”

With strength
Quality-conscious, patient-focused and specialized – that is how we see ourselves and that is how our patients and affiliated doctors think of us too. Our hospital’s successful future is guaranteed by our staff’s expertise, loyalty and openness. We work to balance medicine and business and we succeed each and every day. In this way we are laying the foundations for our continued development as a hospital and the advancement of gynecology.

With heart
Only if you enjoy what you’re doing will you do it well. We provide a welcoming and safe environment – for our patients and for our entire team. Mutual respect, appreciation and empathy are the foundations for our work. By putting yourself in our care, you are putting your trust in us. Reason enough to strive always to exceed our patients’ expectations by paying attention and responding to each person’s individuality and their personal needs.

We keep our finger on the pulse
As Austria’s primary address for gynecological services, we maintain a healthy competition with the best of the best. Our certifications demonstrate our exceptional expertise and know-how. We strive to incorporate the latest research findings and evidence-based medicine into our practice. Professionalism and creativity in our daily activities guarantees that we continue to embody the highest standards of medicine and nursing as we move forward.

Lazarettgasse 16-18, 1090 Vienna Icon Standort