Cancer, tumors

Thanks to new research findings and forms of medication, growing success has been gained in recent years in treating cancer. This means there is an ever-increasing number of options available when it comes to successfully treating tumors, reducing side-effects and improving patient quality of life. Find out more here about the diagnosis and treatment options available in the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital:

One-to-one support – from the doctor you trust

In order to make you feel at ease in difficult circumstances, a doctor from our expert oncological team is provided as a main contact person who will provide support throughout the entire duration of your treatment. This doctor will discuss your treatment plan with you at every step and will keep in constant contact with all those involved in your treatment. The doctor will ensure your personal well-being together with the dedicated nursing team.

The holistic route to treatment success

Acute therapy is at the heart of cancer treatment. It will not, however, improve your state of health on its own. Our patients therefore receive holistic treatment and care: Dietary advice, physical therapy programs and psychological care complement the range of treatments available.

After receiving such a life-changing diagnosis, patients in our hospital can count on receiving holistic support that is dedicated equally to a patient’s physical and emotional needs.

To find out more about diagnostics and treatment for breast cancer, see Breast Health Center.

Our principal attending doctors:

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