Departments, Institutes, Centers

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Maternity ward
Director Prof. Fritz Nagele, MD
Senior midwives Ute Sonvilla, MSc, Elisabeth Altmutter
Level 3rd floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-3100 E:
Head nurse Beate Posch-Fennesz
Level 2nd floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-2350  
Neonatal ward
Director Prof. Monika Resch, MD
Head nurse Brigitte Stiefsohn
Level 3rd floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-3200  
Department of Surgery
Director Karl Gensthaler, MD
Head nurse Sabine Gorski
Level 4th floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-4000  
Department of Internal Medicine
Director Prof. Gottfried J. Locker, MD
Head nurse Elisabeth Kuba
Level 1st floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-1000  
Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Operating theaters and Recovery room
Director Max Gosch, MD
Head theater nurse DGKP Max Cselley
Level 4th floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-4401  
Head nurse, Recovery room
(IMCU and ICU)
Ulrike Keiser
Level 4th floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-4410  
Institute for Physical Medicine
Director Caroline Laffont, MD
Head nurse Elisabeth Bauer
Level Basement
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-8702 E:
Goldenes Kreuz Fertility Center
Directors Prof. Andreas Obruca, MD and
Prof. Heinz Strohmer, MD
Level 5th floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-5400 E:
Prenatal care practice, “TwoCare”
Directors Martin Metzenbauer, MD and
Hubertus Gregor, MD
Level Ground floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-8980 E:
Website (including online appointment booking system)
X-ray and diagnostic imaging
This practice accepts ALL INSURERS
Directors Prof. Hans Jantsch, MD,
MR Andreas Brezina, MD (Medical Officer of Health)
Level Ground floor
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-8500 E:
Laboratory – IMCL / SYNLAB
Director Renée Tauffer, MD
Level Basement / wheelchair-friendly entrance
Contact T: +43 1 40 111-8600  

Information for VISITORS:

No visiting is permitted at present (with very few exceptions).

Information for PATIENTS:

If a coronavirus infection is suspected, with

AND if, in the 14 days before these symptoms appeared, there was

please do NOT go to a hospital or doctor’s office; stay at home.
Call the health advice hotline 1450 to discuss what to do next.