Step by step to the joys of family life

We will support you at every step along the way, from the initial consultation to (ideally) the early stage of pregnancy. We are always willing to answer questions and will do everything we can to help you fulfil your wish for a child.

1. Initial consultation

You make an appointment and come for an initial consultation. In the calm, discreet setting of the doctor’s consulting room you can discuss anything that is on your mind. Once we know everything we need to about your personal situation, we will take you through the options for treatment and the processes involved.

2. Examinations

We determine which tests are necessary to find the best possible fertility treatment for you. For example, meaningful results from laboratory and hormone tests, and a current spermiogram, are critical for choosing the most appropriate treatment. If any further tests are necessary, your attending doctor will explain this.

3. Discussion of test results

Your attending doctor discusses the results with you. If the cause of infertility has been found, we can begin to plan the most suitable fertility treatment for you.

4. Treatment planning

Customized treatment for your individual situation increases the chance of success. This is why we place great emphasis on comprehensive and detailed treatment planning.

5. Treatment

Our most important treatment options include intrauterine insemination, hormone therapy for women, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and ICSI. Subject to certain preconditions, both heterosexual and lesbian couples can also conceive a child using donated sperm.

6. Pregnancy

Ideally, the fertility treatment will result in pregnancy. Following IVF treatment you will take a pregnancy test two weeks after the embryo transfer. If it is positive, medication is continued as prescribed. Five weeks after the embryo transfer you will have your first ultrasound examination. If heart activity is detected in the embryo, the IVF treatment is concluded and you are referred back to the care of your gynecologist for the rest of your pregnancy.

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