“TwoCare” prenatal diagnostics

PLEASE NOTE: On the institute's website you will find detailed information on the measures against the coronavirus.

The team at TwoCare, our prenatal medicine practice at the Goldenes Kreuz, offers a wide range of prenatal diagnostic investigations.

The TwoCare team carries out all today’s usual prenatal medical investigations:

  • 12-week screening (skin fold measurement, first trimester screening, “combined test”)
  • 22-week screening (organ screening)
  • 32-week screening (wellbeing ultrasound)

We can also carry out the following investigations for you here:

  • Non-invasive prenatal testing
  • Baby contact (getting to know your baby, 3D/4D ultrasound using HDlive technology)

You will always be looked after by doctors with many years of experience in prenatal medicine, and who of course also have the appropriate qualifications from the Austrian Association for Ultrasound in Medicine (ÖGUM – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Ultraschall in der Medizin) and the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF).

Medical Directors

Martin Metzenbauer, MD
Hubertus Gregor, MD


For more information or to arrange an appointment
T: +43 1 40 111-8980
E: office@twocare.at
W: www.twocare.at (including online appointment booking system)

Information for VISITORS:

No visiting is permitted at present (with very few exceptions).

Information for PATIENTS:

If a coronavirus infection is suspected, with

AND if, in the 14 days before these symptoms appeared, there was

please do NOT go to a hospital or doctor’s office; stay at home.
Call the health advice hotline 1450 to discuss what to do next.