Medical equipment

Continuous investment in medical equipment and facilities is a fundamental prerequisite for the excellent care provided by Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital. Our state-of-the art surgical department and specialist technology enable us to use minimally invasive endoscopic techniques.

As it includes both an IMCU and ICU, the recovery ward can provide intensive care when necessary and guarantees proper treatment for post-surgical patients.

Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital has:

  • Four modern operating rooms (one of which is outfitted specially for endoscopic operations)
  • Recovery ward including IMCU/ICU
  • Obstetrics: Three delivery rooms with relaxation, birthing pool, and three rooms for prenatal care
  • Fertility Center – IVF Fund approved
  • Certified Breast Health Center
  • Endometriosis Center
  • Radiology/Diagnostic imaging – Agreements in place with all insurers
    • X-ray, mammography with elastography and tomosynthesis, ultrasound and duplex sonography, computerized tomography (32-slice CT), bone density scanning (DEXA)
    • Prenatal diagnostics (pregnancy ultrasound – level 1 certification by the Austrian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (ÖGUM); nuchal translucency measurement in accordance with the certification guidelines of the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF); 3D/4D ultrasound)
    • Newborn ultrasound (hips, kidneys, sacral dimple, cranium, heart)
  • Lab
  • Endoscopy with gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy
  • General diagnostics e.g. resting, exercising and ambulatory (prolonged) ECGs, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar profiling, lung function testing...
  • Physical medicine
  • 94 beds in private and semi-private rooms (first-class (Sonderklasse) standard)
    For details of our room facilities, please see Rooms.
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