Physical Medicine

The Institute for Physical Medicine offers you a diverse range of treatment options.

In support of physical therapy, we offer heat, ultrasound and laser treatments as well as various forms of electrotherapy, magnetic field therapy, medical massages and manual lymph node drainage.

An individual treatment program will be developed for you as prescribed by your attending doctor using targeted diagnostics.

The team – consisting of the medical specialist in physical medicine, physical therapists and medical massage specialists – will assist you in every way possible.

After operations, we help patients effectively return to everyday life through mobilization, exercise instructions and valuable information.

We provide physical therapy immediately after birthing while in postnatal care as well as through our outpatient courses of “Prenatal Exercises” and “Rehabilitation Exercises.”

After cancer diagnoses, we support treatment through targeted physical therapy and manual therapies, with the intent of reducing the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy by means of additional activities.

Movement is a key part of healthy living. Physical medicine therefore makes an important contribution to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain.

Our aim is to enable you to carry out your day-to-day activities as safely, independently and free from pain as possible.

For the time being, the following outpatient services are offered as webinars:

Caroline Laffont, MD, and the physical therapy team are looking forward to working with you!


Prim. Dr. Caroline Laffont

Head of physiotherapy

Elisabeth Bauer


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