Physical Medicine

A comprehensive therapeutic spectrum is offered here in terms of prevention, therapy for pain and movement disorders and rehabilitation.

Following prescription by your attending physician, an individually designed therapy program is developed for you by means of targeted diagnostics. Manual therapy, remedial gymnastics and biofeedback are employed for the treatment of painful impairments of movement in joints, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as following operations.

Healing is supported by means of massages, magnetic field, moor mud and thermal treatments, as well as electrotherapy. In the case of incontinence, a multi-stage training program is offered which comprises consultation, remedial gymnastics, biofeedback therapy and – if need be – electro stimulation of the pelvic floor. Following the surgical removal of breast cancer, the development of lymphedema is prevented via targeted consulting, physiotherapy and manual lymph drainage.

By means of the accompanying laser treatment during the intravenous chemotherapy, inflammation of the veins is suppressed. Following joint replacement operations, a comprehensive training program is offered that ends in a targeted preparation for release from the clinic and also the supply of movement aids. It is our goal that you can carry out the activities of your daily life in as safe, independent and pain-free a way as possible. The range of physical medicine on offer is diverse.


Prof. Katharina Pils, MD

Head nurse

Elisabeth Bauer


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