Back pain is one of the most common orthopedic disorders for people of all ages. It often affects young patients and has a significant detrimental effect on quality of life. For many patients it not only reduces mobility, but also prevents them carrying out their normal job or work.

Ongoing wear and tear, often described as spinal degeneration, affects more and more patients with increasing age. Problems develop over many years and can also cause mental stress. Pain may not only affect the back, but can also spread beyond it  – particularly to the legs.

The Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital handles the diagnosis and treatment of many spinal problems. If conservative therapies such as infusions, infiltrations, etc. are not sufficient to resolve the problem, an operation may be required.

Range of services:

  • Operations to treat narrowing of the spinal canal (laminectomy, disk surgery, spinal stenosis)
  • Treatment for pain in the vertebral facet joints (facet denervation)
  • Microsurgical disk operations (microdiscectomy)
  • Peripheral nerves (CTS, ulnar nerve, neuromas)

Our principal attending doctors:

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