Coronavirus: Our protective measures

After the birth

Here at Goldenes Kreuz, our priority from the moment of birth onwards, is to help build the closest possible bond between parents and child. Rooming-in has been standard practice at our hospital for a long time, with babies and fathers able to share a single or family room with the mother. A baby-changing table is provided in every room.

The pediatric nurses in our neonatal ward are always available to help care for you and your baby.

Immediately after the birth, it is standard practice for your baby to be weighed, measured and checked over. In the first week, we carry out various other monitoring checks.

After the birth you will be in the postnatal ward, where your medical care will still be provided by your gynecologist, and in the first few days our nursing team will be available to help whenever you need them.

After the birth of your baby our services include postnatal and rehabilitation exercise classes, breastfeeding support, advice on caring for and carrying your baby, etc.

Find out in plenty of time about the possibility of collecting umbilical cord blood to bank stem cells.

Our specialist baby photographers from “Endlich da” (“Here at last”) will photograph your baby on request.