All-inclusive package “Healthy infant” (2nd to 6th month of life)

Babies are classified as infants from four weeks after birth until the end of the 1st year of life. After the newborn phase your child undergoes huge developmental leaps in the first six months of life, including  growing environmental perception, self-awareness, sensory and motor skills and attachment behaviors. The way you treat, care for and support your baby is of the utmost importance for their development and will shape their entire life.

The all-inclusive package “Healthy infant” brings you customized advice that covers the most important areas of your baby’s health, care and well-being in the second to sixth months of life. Our baby experts offer you an age-appropriate, comprehensive service package with basic information, tips and hands-on instructions for your child’s care, health, development and safety – tailored to your individual questions, wishes and needs as well as your family situation.

Extract from the contents and topics of the infant package:

  • Cuddlebug Checkup: Comfort and age-appropriate development in the first six months
    Weight monitoring and progress | Length | Checking nutritional intake (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, supplementary feeding) | Breastfeeding management
  • I’m hungry, I’m full: Age-appropriate and development-promoting nutrition
    Breastfeeding | Bottle feeding | Drinking amount | Supplementary food | Hydration requirements | Digestion
  • Sleep portions, power nap: Good sleep
    Changing sleep phases | Sleep behavior | Sleep-wake rhythm | Sleeping through the night | Sleeping area and situation
  • Squeaky clean and well cared for: Skincare and dental hygiene
    Body care | Skin health | Bathing rhythm | Dental care from the first tooth
  • Keeping baby healthy: Infection prevention and the immune system
    Hygiene of bottle accessories | Hand sanitizing | Infections in the family | Fall/winter outdoors | Immunocompetence
  • What Baby can do: Developmental steps and skills
    Early starters – late starters | Developmental and learning processes | Language and listening | Stages of motor skills | Motor skill exercises | Teething | Playtime
  • Mom and Dad can help: Little ouchies, colds, fever and the like
    Sun and cold protection | Tummy aches and 3-month colic | Fever | Colds | Sucking blisters | Cradle cap | Red bottoms
When by arrangement
  • In-person appointment: € 180
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  • Online consultation via Zoom: € 120
    You will receive an invoice to transfer the amount to our account during the personal consultation.
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