All-inclusive package “Healthy newborn” (1st month of life)

Newborns, as babies in the first 28 days of life are referred to, are exposed to many changes after birth. Outside the protective uterus and without the supply from the placenta, babies undergo massive changes in their body and adaptation processes in their organs during this phase. In these new living conditions, they have to breathe and digest on their own, experience different temperatures and volume levels, learn how to deal with gravity and find a sleep-wake rhythm.

The all-inclusive package “Healthy newborn” gives you customized advice that covers the most important areas of your baby’s health, care and well-being in the first four weeks of life. Our baby experts offer you a comprehensive service package for the first month of life: with basic information, tips and hands-on instructions for the care, health, development and safety of your child – adapted to your individual questions, wishes and needs as well as your family situation.

Extract from the contents and topics of the newborn package:

  • Sweet Pea Checkup: Comfort and age-appropriate development in the first four weeks
    Food intake | Weight control and progress | Length | Head circumference
  • Too much can be too much: Hygiene and infection prevention
    Hygiene standards and measures in baby care | Infection-free newborns
  • Babies sleep differently: Good sleep
    Sleep duration and stages | Sleep behavior | Sleep-wake regulation | Sleeping area | Room climate
  • Using all senses: Skills and sensory perceptions
    See | Feel | Hear | Taste | Smell
  • Know-how: Mindful interaction and body awareness
    Bathing | Changing | Lifting | Carrying | Prone, back, and side positions | Calming | Dressing and undressing
  • How to become a “baby whisperer”: Communication types and sign language
    Sign language and its interpretation | Posture | Facial expressions and breathing | Screaming | Sensory overload
  • Sheltered, warm, satisfied and safe: Your baby’s needs
    Thermoregulation | Nutrition | Quiet | Security | Skin contact | Safety
  • Empowered journey through the new phase of life: Self-care for moms and dads
    Creating structures | Using resources | Maternity nurses | Family support
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  • Online consultation via Zoom: € 120
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