Health checks for your baby

Immediately after the birth, it is standard practice for your baby to be weighed, measured and checked over. In the first week, we carry out various other monitoring checks.

Blood test

In the first week, we carry out a blood test for your baby and establish the blood group.

Ultrasound hip check

In addition to the routine check by an experienced pediatrician, we invite you to have an ultrasound check of the baby’s hips while you are still in the hospital. This screening is carried out in the neonatal ward.

  • no exposure to radiation
  • from day one
  • early recognition of developmental issues
  • facilitates early treatment (while still in the hospital)
  • significantly faster healing
  • significantly reduced long-term effects

We are also happy to carry out a subsequent monitoring check in our radiology institute.

Further investigations for your newborn such as sonography of kidneys, cranium, sacral dimple, or heart, can be carried out by our expert radiologists on request.

Hearing test on request

Normal hearing is very important for your child’s speech development. Our test is completely painless and generally takes just a few seconds. In a few rare cases, if hearing is not at the expected level, a further check may be necessary.

Reinhard Kürsten, MD carries out the hearing tests at Goldenes Kreuz, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, in your room or in the neonatal ward.

If you have already left the hospital, you can also have the hearing test carried out at Dr. Kürsten’s medical practice.

The check should be carried out before your child’s first birthday, at the latest!

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