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Postnatal care

Enjoy the comforting feeling of knowing you are in the best possible hands! Our experienced team looks forward to giving you the best possible care and support during your stay in our hospital.

In the first few days after the birth of your baby, the relationship between mother and child, and your recuperation, are the priority in our postnatal ward.

24-hour rooming-in is standard practice for us. If you are exhausted, our qualified pediatric nurses will be happy to look after your baby.

We offer all sorts of help for a safe and confident start to life with your newborn baby:

  • Individual postpartum exercises, under the guidance of chief physician Caroline Laffont, MD, Director of our Institute for Physical Medicine, with an exercise program specially designed for your personal needs, which you can follow at home
  • Support with caring for and breastfeeding your newborn baby, provided by our qualified pediatric nurses
  • Individualized treatment for pain and any reduction of your mobility
  • Support and advice from our nutritional specialist for optimal diet while breastfeeding, and for carefully targeted and healthy weight reduction

We are happy to provide nightgowns, towels, etc., and clothing for your newborn baby, during your stay at Goldenes Kreuz.

After you have left the hospital, you can still contact the postnatal ward at any time on +43 1 40 111-2000.