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Acupuncture is recommended as preparation for childbirth from the 35th week of pregnancy onwards.

It can also provide welcome relief from certain problems associated with pregnancy or the postnatal period:

  • nausea/vomiting
  • mood swings, sleeping problems, etc.
  • headaches, lower back pain, edema
  • as an aid to dilate the cervix
  • to help promote milk production, or reduce it
  • to help the uterus return to its normal size if this is happening too slowly

Our midwives have all completed a certified acupuncture course in accordance with the guidelines of the Austrian Midwives Association (ÖHG – Österreichisches Hebammen Gremium).

When by arrangement
Duration 30 - 40 minutes
Where at your home within a house call visit
Cost by arrangement
For more information or to
arrange an appointment
Please contact one of our midwives directly!
  Elisabeth Altmutter M: +43 664 233 35 30
  Katharina Merstik M: +43 664 544 16 66
  Irene Perko M: +43 664 145 16 78
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