Balanced nutrition is essential for good health. So we only use high quality, mainly fresh ingredients and many organic products. Meals can be selected from our suggested menus, taking account of medical recommendations – or you can combine your own selection to suit your personal preferences:

  • “light & lactose-free"
    An easily digestible, mildly flavored and simple diet, beautifully prepared, and suitable for patients with chronic or acute conditions of the digestive tract. This range avoids foodstuffs that are often associated with food intolerances, such as onions, pulses, cucumber salad, cabbage, smoked foods, milk, etc.
  • “balanced & local”
    Hearty but healthy local cuisine, suitable for patients without any specific dietary requirements.
  • “wholesome & vital”
    Anyone who is fond of fish, vegetables and wholegrain products will find plenty to suit their tastes in this range.
  • “mild & restorative” (convalescent diet)
    Nourishing fare that is easy to digest and lightly seasoned, as recommended after surgery on the digestive tract or after a Cesarean section. Raw fruit and vegetables are avoided, and portion sizes are modest.

Are you vegetarian or vegan, or do you have specific dietary requirements for religious reasons? We will be very happy to accommodate your preferences! Vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as recommendations for cancer patients, or pregnant and nursing mothers, are clearly marked in our menus. You are also welcome to select additional dishes from our “À la carte menu“.

Inpatients are entitled to a free consultation with our dietician. Our dietician is also happy to answer any queries on nutrition. She holds a number of presentations that you are welcome to attend.

For children we have a specially-designed range of menu options. From multi-colored pasta to jelly-roll pancakes, we have everything a child might wish for. The range varies, depending whether it is for a young post-operative patient or a young visitor.

Meals for visitors
Your visitors or patient’s companion are welcome to order from our À la carte menu, any time up to 2:00 p.m.

You are very welcome to have your main meal in our cafeteria if you prefer.

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